Uniform Operator Concept Programs

One of the priority areas in the Concept #SportQory is the Fund's contribution to the development of mass and youth sports.

Programs to stimulate the development of mass and youth sports:

1. Redistribution of funds under sponsorship agreements. The introduction of a solidarity mechanism in Kazakh sports in order to develop mass and youth sports. To this end, at least 15% of the distributed sponsorship to sports federations in each sport will be sent to mass and youth sports.

2. Mechanism 1:1. The program will attract commercial organizations to finance small sports projects. The mechanism works as follows: a commercial organization provides sponsorship for an event, tournament, competition, championship, cup, etc. in a certain sport, the Fund doubles the amount of financing for a sports event. For example, the company "X" allocates 1 million tenge for holding a children's sports competition, and the Unified Operator provides support for this event in the form of doubling funding.

The benefit for sponsoring commercial organizations is that with a larger amount of funding for a sporting event, the company has more advertising opportunities;