The goal of the Fund is to meet high international standards


About what the Tourism Industry and Sports Support Fund is doing now, what was done and about the plans for the near future the Матрица.kz editor talked with the General Director of the Fund Askhat Seisembek.


- Askhat, according to the fund there is enough information in the networks for the interested person - it is encouraging that the media pay attention. But I'd like to talk about something else. What will be the priorities of the Fund with the arrival of a not entirely new leader?


- Priorities, as you say, with the arrival of new superiors (laughs) practically did not change. First of all, this is the support of the Federations in Olympic, non-Olympic, national sports. And we would like that of the entire allocated Federation, at least 15% is allocated to support children's and youth sports. We adopted such a Concept, this is our priorities.


- Immediately skin question - what budget for the current year?


- Until we have defined a budget for 2021 for sponsorship - you understand yourself, a pandemic, a difficult time for both the state and sponsors.


- President Tokayev said, they say, to send half of allocated budgets for professional clubs to children's and mass sports. This was probably a message to the akims - is this something for you?


- This, of course, applies to us. I want to note that this decision is very timely, and from this decision if they suffer, then a maximum of 3-4 clubs. Another question, if clubs participate in some inter-national competitions, tournaments, then, I think, they need to be supported separately and more.


And for clubs that play in domestic leagues a billion two hundred, I think more than enough.


- In tenge, of course...


Of course! Here we are sponsored by Samruk-Kazyna, and this is a quasi-state sector, this is still state money, and therefore it concerns us. Not least. And in the limits on football, hockey costs this amount of a billion two hundred.


- Here on priorities you were determined. Accepted the Concept! But what will be the implementation mechanism? Is it new or taken from a good old and worked out?


"It's actually simple. It probably feels like it's complicated. Previously, the work of the fund was not as much covered as it is now,

There is a Law on Physical Culture and Sports, which spells out article 50-1 on a single operator. There are also Application Rules. There are still a number of internal instructions that are necessary in the work. Nothing is complicated - the main thing is that there would be funds to support certain projects.


- I understand that any sports structures can count on financial support? Both public and private?


"At least who. It is clear that we cannot satisfy everyone, and this is unrealistic. We have a website, anyone can apply. And the main thing is that these applications, projects meet our requirements and that there is a legitimate basis to finance. And the second - to have money! And the money, we hope it will.


- And previously what were the budgets of the Fund?


- I would not like to run ahead of the steam locomotive now - we will publish a report for 2020. But I will say immediately that last year the budget was 80% less than in the previous year, 2019. And this, I note, affected all federations. The reason is understandable. And we hope that very soon we will return to the pre-Andemic size of our money.


"It sounds like Paleozoic, Mesozoic... Yes, and this is really everyone and everything - and not only sports. Askhat, what about the sources of funding? Where do you take money except from Samruk-Kazna?


- Of course, the main, let's say, sponsor is Samruk-Kazyna. But, as you already know, the Fund has become a single operator of extrabudgetary sponsorship funds. And this norm is new.


- What gives this norm?


- We will try to use our possibilities, according to the adopted law, to the maximum. We sent letters to large national companies, holdings, banks, etc.


- So you can attract other sponsors, other money? And what are the successes? Are there responses to the letters?


- Well, so far the beginning of the year. Everything forms budgets, and we hope that we can attract new partners.


- We wish success in this field!


Thank you!


"What about international affairs?" Cooperation, collaboration, exchange of experience?


- It is a well-known fact that such Funds exist in almost every country, especially in Western countries. And we are especially interested in the model of the Swiss Sports Assistance Fund, which accumulates funds from national lotteries from other sources. We are also interested in the experience of the Australian Foundation.


- What?


- For example, if sponsors sports in the amount, if I am not mistaken, more than 100 dollars, then it is not taxed. These Funds have a great history and vast experience in supporting sports, and we would like to study and use the components of their models as much as possible in our work. Here is crowdfunding (it is in our approved Concept) and other forms of raising funds to support sports and tourism.


- And for the introduction of crowdfunding, of course, there are no restrictions, etc.?


- Certainly. As Director General, I approved this initiative in the Board of Trustees. Most importantly, an automated system is needed, and this is only a technical issue and rests on a small amount of money. I think that in no hurry we will launch this platform.


Crowdfunding is really a cool thing, through which anyone known (and not known) can raise money for any project. For example, on a trip of a children's team abroad.


Of course, the coronavirus epidemic has brought adjustments to our work, but we really hope that we will enter the rut very soon.


"We all hope very much. Let's talk about budgets again... We like to talk about money, and about strangers. If you do not know the budget, then it turns out that you cannot plan your work?


"Not quite so. There is the Ministry of Culture and Sport, which initiates the corresponding agreement with Samruk-Kazyna, or according to the government decree, the same Samruk will allocate a certain amount. We do not go blind, we see the horizon, we see approximate volumes.


- Well, once again we wish that upstairs quickly to solve issues of financing and the Fund quickly began the work on assistance to sports. And as for the Director General of the Fund personally, they appointed last year, the rudders said! What are the sensations?


- What can be sensations? It is clear that it is not simple. It is clear that it is impossible to satisfy everyone and with all the desire will not work.


- And whom it is necessary, excuse me, to satisfy? Are there any underwater currents and any obligations to some agashki, tateshki?


"Not at all, I mean something else. For example, we submitted conditionally 1000 applications, we, in turn, make an expert opinion, but we can satisfy only 100 applications or projects.


There would be my will - I would help everyone. And so, probably, everyone would do in my place, and everyone would be happy.


- Can the members of the Board of Trustees also participate in the sharing of the pie, pull the blanket on themselves?


- The Board of Trustees is our main decision-making body. Collegially, and these decisions are absolutely transparent. There is no, as you say some of your blankets - the task is to sponsor sports, in accordance with priorities, criteria and within the framework of approved concepts and rules.


Here is the work of making decisions and allocating funds I want to make even more understandable and transparent. This is my second step, the second task that needs to be realized after the Concept is approved.


- What will be this work?


- Also in accordance with priorities, develop and approve algorithm of work. So that we at the very beginning know what sport (Olympic, non-Olympic, national and other) what percentage of the total budget will receive!!! It will be easier for us, the executive body, and the Board of Trustees to take a decision.


- And, as they say, money (again about money) the account loves, even if it is extra-budgetary...


Of course. I report to both the Board of Trustees and Samruk. There will be another sponsor - we will report to him. And that's okay.


- And if the same sponsor wishes to direct his assistance to a specific project, to a specific application?


- We will fulfill 100% will of the sponsor. And this is prescribed in our law. There are no problems! At the same time, we assume the responsibility of monitoring the targeted use of project-specific funds. Little can be anything!


- The goals of the Fund are to promote the development of sports. You are not put on top of any indicators, requirements, numbers, dynamic growth, etc.


"There is no such thing. But we would like to have this data ourselves and use it in our work.


- And for this should be working resources, in particular, an Internet site, pages in social networks...


- Yes, the site works now, there is almost all information about the activities of the Fund. They earned pages.


It is clear that we cannot generate any news every day, but the public should know about the affairs of the Foundation. Therefore, I think that our technical capabilities quite satisfy this interest.


We also plan to hold media briefings on our current affairs, plans, etc.


And most importantly - we want all applications to be in electronic form. So that everyone - both the public, and the press, and applicants see the status of applications, their status. In this case, there will be maximum transparency, both in the adoption of applications and in the adoption of decisions on them.


We, that is, the Fund, must meet all standards, including international ones. We should have everything transparent, an automated base and other technical lotions, cool management, decision-making, count and paint every penny with blood. We must show everyone that we are not a "Horn and Hoof," but a modern, competent and professionally working fund and keep a high bar.


- Well, good luck to you! And the successful realization of your plans and the fulfillment of dreams.


Recorded by Serik Mambetov