Tourism and Sports Industry Support Fund

The Fund is an operator of funds in the field of physical culture and sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The organization is engaged in the reception, processing and analysis of applications of potential recipients of charity (sponsorship) assistance.


1. Support for professional and amateur sports;

2. Development of youth sports;

3. Popularization and development of mass sports;

4. Attracting sponsors, philanthropists to cooperate to finance projects and programs of the fund.

Operating Principles:

1. Transparency of activities;

2. Efficiency;

3. Social significance;

4. Systemacity.

Established Corporate Fund "Fund for Support of the VII Asian Games"
Renamed the "Tourism and sports industry support Fund" to support national teams in the 2012-2014 Olympic games.
Internal regulatory documents have been updated. The number of recipients of charitable (sponsorship) assistance has increased.
The priority goal of the fund is to obtain the status of a single operator for the distribution of extrabudgetary funds in the field of physical education and sports.
The process of providing charitable (sponsorship) assistance